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Colors on Parade has designed strict standards to furnish the highest quality in the automotive appearance technology field, and offers four primary services: Paint Repair, PDR (Paintless Dent Repair), Headlight Restoration, and Interior Repair.

All repairs are guaranteed with our Lifetime Warranty.

About Us

Colors on Parade is proud to be able to offer you fast, convenient, and affordable services! Our Auto Paint Repair system is designed for minor surface damage from panels to bumpers to hoods and deck lids. Usually at a cost BELOW your insurance deductible.

Your Body Shop Alternative

Our prices are typically 25% to 50% less than body shop prices. Our services include Auto Paint Chip Repair, Clear Coat Scratch Repair, Minor Ding Repair, Bumper Repair, Headlight Restoration, and much more!

We currently service many local dealers, plus retail customers. Our extensively trained and certified technicians prefer the highest quality of service, and that attention to detail is what makes us number one with our customers. Plus, we offer at home services for your convenience.

Colors On Parade is the leader in environmental responsibility within the mobile automotive reconditioning industry. Committed to full compliance with EPA statutes, both nationally and locally.

From dents and dings, to scratches and interior repairs, our workmanship is unparalleled and guaranteed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Colors on Parade – Colorado Springs Premier Automotive Finish Specialists

Paint correction is the process of permanently removing imperfections in your vehicle’s paint. These include spider webbing, swirl marks, hologramming, slight scratches, and buffer trails. These imperfections are removed permanently, not simply covered up with products that temporarily fill the marks.

Ceramic coatings are extremely durable (9H on the Mohs Scale) and offer protection on your car’s paint. Since your car is constantly barraged by the elements and harsh contaminants, it’s only a matter of time until your paint loses its gloss and clarity.

With the ceramic technology we now have, waxes and sealants are a thing of the past. These coatings provide unrivaled performance in protection and hydrophobic properties that you have to see to believe. With Ceramic Coatings lasting for years on your car’s finish, they are far superior than sealants and waxes and maintenance is minimal.

From repairing damaged paint to repairing holes and splits, to complete replacement and paint, we can make your paint look brand new.

Paint Touch-up vs Paint Repair

Paint Touch-up disguises or hides scratches and minor blemishes. It is not a perfect process, but seals the paint and protects your car.

Paint Repair removed the imperfections. This can often save you from having to replace a damaged panel and ultimately save you money. This works on paint chips or deep scratches.

New headlights can cost up to $1,000. We can remove the damage and refinish the lenses, which increases visibility and enhances safety, for a fraction of the cost of headlight replacement.

We don’t leave your interior out! We have high-tech options to help protect your car’s expensive interior from wear, damage, dirt, and stains.

We have coatings for fabric, leather, vinyl, carpet and touch-screen electronics.

Modern chemistry and expert application can keep your car’s interior looking great for many years.

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